We hereby inform you that this Website uses cookies. This Cookie Policy, complements this Website's Privacy Policy, hosted under the domain name Barcelo.com, (hereinafter, the “Website ”). This Website is the property of Barceló Hotel Group and it uses cookies to learn about your browsing habits in order to show you advertising related to your preferences. 

What are cookies?

A Cookie is a file that is downloaded and stored on your computer whenever you access certain websites. Cookies are widely used by website owners in order to make their websites work, or to work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the Website owners. Cookies allow, among other things, the storage and gathering of information on users' browsing habits, and depending on the information they contain and the way the user uses their system, they can be used to recognize and identify the user in order to improve their browsing experience and provide the services requested. If you do not wish to send cookies to our systems, you may “disable” them and control them from your browser, eliminating them from your browsing history (cache) at the end of the session.

What types of cookies are there?

According to their duration:

· Session cookies: they remain in your browser during the visit (for example, until you close the browser and end the session).

· Persistent cookies: they remain on your browser after you end the session (or until you delete them).

According to their activity:

· Performance cookies: they compile user information from the Website; they do not collect personal data, and the data collected are stored anonymously. Performance cookies are used to improve the functioning of the Website.

· Functionality cookies: they allow the website to store any option made on the page (e.g.: changes in text size, Website customization).

Depending on their purpose:

· Analytical cookies: They are used to collect statistics on user activity. Among other things, they analyze the number of users visiting the Website, the number of pages visited, as well as a user's activity on the Website and how often they visit. The information compiled is always anonymous so that a link cannot be made between it and the individual concerned.

· Authentication cookies: They are used by the website to maintain the user session during each visit, prevailing in private areas of the website that require a user ID and password for access.

According to their origin:

· First-party cookies: They are enabled by the website being browsed.

· Third-party cookies: These are sent to the user's computer from a server or domain that is not managed by the web publisher, but by another entity that processes data obtained from the cookies.

What type of cookies does Barceló use on its Website?

In compliance with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, below is a description of the use of the cookies used on the Website. By using this Website, and by continuing to navigate or by accepting the cookie notice, you consent and agree to our storing these cookies on your computer for the previously stated purposes.

The following are the cookies we use when a user enters our Website, serving their purpose: 

Name of cookieProviderPurpose of the CookieDescription

BARCELO.NET_SessionIdInternalNavigationCookie necessary for identifying a user's browsing session.

KeyOpenTagUserIdInternalAnalyticalCookie necessary for identifying analytical cookies.

TAFSessionIdInternalNavigationCookie that provides the session identifier for the distribution and loading of the Website content.

TAFTrackingIdInternalNavigationIdentifies the user so that the Website content manager can load it correctly.

akacd_brandInternalNavigationSession cookie used for maintaining a user's browsing in each of the Website's different brands.

contextInternalNavigationUsed for identifying the context of the session and maintaining the user in it.

initial_locationInternalNavigationAllows the identification of user origin.
First-party cookiesmultibrandInternalNavigationFor identifying users that browse the Website according to the different brands
Name of cookieProviderPurpose of the CookieDescription

AKA_A2InternalNavigationCookie that allows the acceleration of browsing, thus improving user experience.

PreferencesInternalLanguagesUsed for changing the language selected by the user.

SessionErrorCookieInternalNavigationCookie that has an url for going back in the event of an error on the Website.

shownotificationInternalNavigationFor identifying if a user is not logged into myBarcelo and thus display an indicator over the icon.

_gat_crobarceloGoogle AnalyticsAuthenticationCookie created from the GA call. Identify the property that the data are to be sent to.

cto_axidGoogle AnalyticsAuthenticationBase cookie used to assign navigation flow to a user in Google Analytics

refidTripadvisorAnalyticalSojern cookie – identifies user for allocation of sale

__qcaQuantcastAnalyticalQuantcast cookie used to measure audience behavior

__qsjSojernAnalyticalSojern cookie – identifies user for allocation of sale

_gaGoogle AnalyticsAnalyticalCookie to assign navigation flow to a user in Google Analytics

_gac_UA-40201294-10Google AnalyticsAnalyticalBase cookie used to assign navigation flow to a user in Google Analytics – New website

_gac_UA-77005056-1Google AnalyticsAnalyticalCookie used to assign navigation flow to a user in Google Analytics – Owner of the test

_gat_tealium_0Google AnalyticsAnalyticalIt is a cookie specific to Google Analytics and is used to throttle request rate.

_gidGoogle AnalyticsAuthenticationIt is cookie specific to Google Analytics and is used to distinguish users.

channelcloserTrivago/Tripadvisor/CriteoAnalyticalUsed for identify the channel closer with different attribution model to Google Analytics.

channelflowTealiumAnalyticalNecessary to analyze flow or attribution of acquisition channel user traffic

channeloriginatorCommission JunctionAnalyticalNecessary to analyze flow or attribution of acquisition channel user traffic

channelwinnerGoogle AnalyticsAnalyticalCookie used to identify the channel closer with different attribution models to those of GA and Channel Closer.
Third-party CookiesTradedoubler tduidTradedoublerAuthenticationUser-based cookie for Tradedoubler - identifies user by allocation of sale
Name of cookieProviderPurpose of the CookieDescription

skyscannerSkyscannerAnalyticalUser-based cookie for Skyscanner - identifies user by allocation of sale

KayakclickidKayakAnalyticalUser-based cookie for Kayak - identifies user by allocation of sale

utag_mainGoogle AnalyticsAnalyticalContains different variables of users and their browsing, such as: sesionid (session identifier).

optimizelyEndUserIdOptimizelyUser experienceCookie used to identify the user in a CRO tool

As previously indicated, by navigating this Website, the user accepts the creation of cookies for the aforementioned purposes.

However, should you later wish to delete the cookies stored on your computer and that require your consent, you can do so by using the tools provided for this purpose in your browser. You can find additional information about deleting cookies in the following section.

Additional notes:

Web browsers are the tools responsible for storing cookies and therefore their elimination or deactivation must be carried out through the browsers.

Barceló is not liable for any interruption or difficulty in the use of the Website caused by deactivation of the cookies, nor can it guarantee the proper or improper use of the cookies by the browsers mentioned.

In certain cases, it is necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget your decision not to accept them.

Updating the Cookie Policy and contact

This Cookie Policy may vary in accordance with the cookies that are used.

Barceló recommends that you review this policy every time you visit our Website with the objective of being adequately informed about how and for what purpose we use the cookies and to be kept informed of any change in the type of data being collected.

Finally, if you have an issue relating to the use of cookies on this Website, you can contact us at the following email: dpo@barcelo.com.